Saturday, February 11, 2006

New Horizons

So here is my once a month post. I'm now officially a phlebotomist. In other words I stick people with needles and draw blood all day. My littlest son is telling all his friends I"m a blood sucker. My husband is threatening to buy me a set of vampire teeth. I don't care though because in my own small way I'm helping people. Of course once I finish my bioinformatics degree I'll be able to move into a research lab! So, there it is, my new direction. Bioinformatics combines computer science with the other sciences. It's like having my cake and eating it too! Weeee! The up side is I work 3am to 11:30am so I have all afternoon to do whatever I want. It's almost like having two days in one! I've been spending a lot of time visiting with friends, cleaning house, surfing forums, running errands ect ect. Anywho, that's it for now. Talk to you later!

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Anticipation Frustration

Well, I've found a new place to hang out online. The Vanguard Roleplayers Union is a fun place. I've been tinkering with roleplaying there and honestly having fun with it. The more I think about it the more I think I'll be going to a roleplaying server once Vanguard goes live. They're a neat bunch of folks.

My hobbies have been a source of frustration lately. I recommend to everyone not personally aquainted with a real live human in the gaming industry to either ignore game beta applications or to lie their butt off on their application. Ok, actually I hate the idea of people lieing but hey, from what I'm told it works really well.

Having been aquainted with several people who lied all over the place on various game beta's and got in right away I am a bit jaded when it comes to the process. Of course I tell the truth and I'm always one of the last to see game betas. That does tend to make me a bit bitter. Eh. Especially when it's a game I really want to see succeed. After reading Ozuri's post on how they choose people it's clear to me that there is no way for them to really know. If they are picking by system specs and the player provides the specs they'll end up with a bunch of people who lied along with the ones who didn't.

So, for peace of mind, I washed my hands of the whole thing. I went and bought Civ3 and Morrowind to keep me busy. I also have my application beta's which are always interesting to tinker with.

Believe it or not, I am also playing eq again because they gave it back to me for free, at least for a few weeks. The old zones have largely been redone and look absolutely beautiful. Unfortunately no one plays in them anymore. /sigh I looked around with Ieranii so if you were on vazaelle and you still log on give me a holler if you see me. Otherwise I'm on saryn on a little toon named Tegan. I'm going to level her up with my husband and a couple of friends and go explore all the old zones to see what has changed. That should occupy me for a month til my free subscription runs out. In the meantime, if by some miracle the clouds split open and a golden beta ticket descends from on high, I'd be pleasantly stunned. Since I'm not expecting that to happen I am going to go do other things.

Bottom line is, I'll let you know when Vanguard launches but don't expect to hear much about it until then because the anticipation is killing me so I'm going to quit anticipating so much.

I've made some big changes in my plans for the future as well. Once I get things ironed out I'll be more forthcoming with information.

I hope you all, old friends, new friends and strangers alike, had a wonderful holiday month and I wish you all a happy prosperous new year!

Monday, August 08, 2005

Busy Busy

Ah so many things going on. Inlaws came and went successfully. My mother in law is actually pretty cool if you can overlook the fact she never sits still. We're a lot alike in that respect. We seem to always need something to do so when we spend a lot of time together we tend to drive each other nuts. I mean there are only so many things to clean in my little house. It was different this visit, I was working a lot...oh yes... did I mention I got a job? I'm working at a local University on the night shift as a custodian. The work sucks but the people are fun and the benefits are good. I get free tuition so guess who is transferring to a four year college next semester!

I'm still working on getting days figured out. Getting all my housework done, kids taken care of, check all my urls for Silky Venom and study is a challenge. It will get much easier once the kids start school since they take up the biggest portion of my energy during the days. After school starts though mornings will be all mine muahahaha! Now I just need to find more to do to fill in the gap, volunteer work maybe. I've been neglecting that lately.

Ok enough personal rambling! Til next time...

We're on this Earth together,
And if we would be brothers,
Fight not just on your own behalf
But for the sake of others.

author ~unknown