Saturday, May 07, 2005


Ah mothers day. A time to be thankful to that woman who gave us into the world and the woman who raised us, which is possibly not the same woman but both mother's all the same.

My mother-in-law sent me a beautiful card and twenty bucks so I did what any mom would do, I took the kids to the discount movie theatre. Hey that's the only way twenty bucks is going to get all of us in! We picked up an extra kid on the way (my sons friend now know as X)and off we went. It was the movie "Robots"; classic good/kind/helpful robot vs evil/greedy/cold hearted robot. Kids movies are always such a happy occasion. Good always wins.

Speaking of good guys, my kids are something else. One son was going to spend the night at friend X's house so while I ran those two over there hubby took the other two home. After a nice chat with the X's mom I headed home and found that my oldest son had been keeping busy.

He baked me banana nut muffins from a mix.. topped them with cream cheese frosting ... and christmas sprinkles.

Happy mothers day mom!

I think they will taste wonderful no matter what.


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