Monday, May 02, 2005

Into the Light-E3 is more than just a display of games

Many gamers think of the E3 as a huge showcase of new games and artwork but it's more than that. The 2005 E3 Expo will be a meeting of the minds with much information passed; maybe some questions thought of and probably some questions answered for those lucky enough to be able to attend. They will at the very least come away with a lot of food for thought.

On the menu are workshops like "From original IP to powerhouse franchise: How publishers judge a game's potential". I know a few people who would like that answer. There's an in game advertising workshop. I wonder how many of those seats are reserved for the Sony folks. Also on the list is a workshop strictly for addressing the influence the Chinese government is having on the gaming industry; there are others on wireless gaming and value priced game production.

Personally I'd really love to hear "The path to creating AAA games: How successful designers learn from experience, or decide to break from it". Lot's of breaking going on lately it seems and maybe they could shed some light on the whys for me. Overall though there's a very interesting list of topics. Unfortunately, since I am not a member of the industry, I will not be able to attend the conference myself which leaves me with a lot of questions that maybe no one will ever answer.

I do have a few questions though that are pretty easy. Like how do you game industry folks decide what workshops to go to, do you take notes, do they have free doughnuts & coffee and how much of what you learn will be passed on to the gamers? How many gamers actually want to know what makes you folks tick? I know I'd love to find out.

For those interested in the more aesthetic side there will be an art exhibition showcasing 16 original works of art submitted by artists and judged by "the public and by their peers". You can find the 2004 works

What a wonderful program to address the issues faced by digital artists and give them some much deserved publicity. I only wonder if they accept stick figure pictures.. hmmm.


At 4:46 PM, Blogger Matt W. said...

I practice in the seeking and neverending research of those answers you want almost on a daily basis and I'm still not fufilled. A lot of those conferences I would love too attend and they would be a pick-me-up, highlight for me. I would love blogging all the mmos at this years E3 debauchery, but it wont be happening this year. Ah well, I can always draw my matchstick men while all the industry insiders have all the fun looking at all the pretty boobs, er pictures.


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