Thursday, May 05, 2005

Random Thoughts - Girls and the Gaming Industry

I have recently begun to ask myself “self, what do you really know about women and computer games”. Well of course the obvious answer is that I’m a woman and I know what I like. But after digging around a bit I’ve discovered there are some interesting facts, figures and questions out there concerning women and interactive entertainment.

First off how many women actually play video games?

Well the Entertainment Software Association says it’s about 39 percent.

How many companies have female designers, programmers or developers?

I couldn’t find any hard data on that but by all accounts the percentage of females in those roles is tiny. Women have not made much progress into that particular industry.

Why? Is it a lack of interest? If you look around the opportunities are there. Companies are actively courting women gamers. There are even consulting firms to help them understand what women want. What better way to find out what women want than to hire a few of them? Makes sense to me.

Some companies seem to have come to that conclusion too. There are even
scholarships just for intelligent females that require an essay, a decent gpa and the desire. At least they don’t have to parade around in a bathing suit. It’s refreshing and encouraging when brains matter more than a pretty face.

Hopefully, as time goes on we will see the percentage of females in the gaming industry


At 2:49 PM, Blogger Eldronius said...

This is a topic I certainly would be interested in learning more about. I could see the gaming industry trying to learn what women want in a video game in order to draw more women into playing games. I personally believe this could leave to some great game development for the type of games I would want to play. Shooting guns and racing cars pretty much has instant "guy" appeal...but what has that instant "gal" appeal? I have my ideas. Does the game industry have theirs?


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