Friday, July 01, 2005

My Soft Spot

You know I have a soft spot for fan fiction. Well Laural has a nice story up that hits both my soft fiction and Vanguard. Ya gotta read it!
  • Vanguard Crafters

  • On another note. We (the family and some friends) went to a baseball game last night. A local minor league team. Now my children are much like me, full of enthusiasm just waiting for a passion to spill it out on. So we're sitting there. I have the roster (so we really do know who's on first!) we're yelling and cheering and stomping our feet. I swear the rest of the couple of hundred people who attend minor league games looked at us like we were insane. They don't get excited til the "beer guy" walks by.

    Now I'm sure he's good at his position but really...he doesn't even have a number! Oh and the fireworks at the end...then folks cheered. I kinda felt sorry for the team...especially considering they lost 1 - 3 ah well.

    I found a bit of wisdom at the game though...never eat powder sugar covered funnel cake when you are wearing dark clothes. My grandmother always told me "If you've learned something you've come out ahead". There's my silver lining. It was a fun time with the family and the Beta announcement for Vanguard greeted me from the forums when I got back. It's been a good day!


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